Curriculum - Intent, Implementation and the Impact

Our Curriculum is the beating heart of our school day.  When taking on this school, I wanted children to fall back in love with learning and be totally immersed in different worlds and times; to be excited with learning.


Our curriculum has a clear purpose, an intent.


Intent - What are we trying to achieve here with, and through, the curriculum?  

We, staff and students, are trying to foster life-long learning behaviours at Honiton Primary School through: independence, choice, collaboration and personal discovery.


Implementation - So, how are we going to deliver this?  The system of choice here is S.O.L.E - Self Organised Learning Environment.  We have the National Curriculum, which we use as a starting point, and embellish and deepen further as a school but at the heart of this is children being exposed to quality experiences and lessons with a large element of choice and need for independent thinking.  Pre-learning homework sets this up, often weeks ahead, and children are immersed into experiences with visits or off timetable days of discovery.  Parents coming into school to help at regular opportunities bolsters our offer and deepens the experiences further.  Children, deliberately, have only one large book in which to record their curriculum journey and each one is individualised to each child in our school. Having a single book for the wider curriculum strengthens the message that our curriculum is 'built in' and not 'bolted on'. It is not a weaker relation to core subjects that only happen in the afternoons. We are Romans, Greeks, Egyptians, explorers and scientists, morning, noon and night.  We really do 'dive right in!'

Additionally, within their curriculum, they present in a manner which represents their personality, flair and shows their choice in learning with a personal path.  This is a new system to the school and the children are taking to it well.  Do come and talk to them about their SOLE books, their reflections and some of the tremendous experiences they have already undertaken.


Impact - What difference is this curriculum making to our children?  The SOLE mindset places the learner back at the centre of curriculum and makes teachers think "What will the experience be for the children and how can we make the absolute most of each element?". The SOLE aspect promotes learners making both group and personal connections with the content due to having genuine freedom of expression and choice.  It is beginning to produce children who must and can, think for themselves, be resilient and face challenges with strategies to overcome and progress.


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