Hexagon Pod

Welcome To The Hexagon Pod

Welcome to Hexagon Pod! Although small in number we are big in cheer, determination and heart! If you are reading this you have entered this temporary section of the website that will cover all home communication between now (16.06) and the end of the academic year. We aim to post on a daily basis. As with the Year 1 page, content will be a mixture of parental information, children's work and learning support documents. We hope you find this page useful and use it to celebrate all the hard work that is happening in school.

Hexagon Pod getting busy on a wet Thursday. Hand hygiene and the danger of germs, marble counting and Mr Watson's Olympics were just some of the items on todays menu.

Another busy day of learning...Wellbeing, Mr. Lopez's Home Library and Golden Time!

CALLING ALL HEXAGON PARENTS! Please can your child bring in a few of their favourite jokes on TUESDAY please. Many thanks.

To ensure all children are exposed to the same learning, we are teaching the same things that we set for home learning. To help us follow the sequence, it would really help to complete day 3 of home learning when you are at home on Wednesday. I will post it on this page to avoid confusion!
Watch the video and practise partitioning numbers...
Practise our new rich vocabulary. Can you think of any new actions?

Week two of Hexagon school began with sessions on Jack and the Beanstalk, Doodle-Maths, what makes a good friend? and guided reading. And the sun was shining! What a great start to the week.

Hot day and hotter learning! Loads of work on Jack and the Beanstalk and also ‘partitioning’ in Maths. Throw in a sprinkling of water play, throwing & catching and seed planting and you have all the ingredients for a great day of fun, laughter and learning!

Today was hot, really hot! Staying in the shade we explored new vocabulary and took a little light exercise with GoNoodle!

Today was all about taking our learning outside...what a day!

Another great school day. Learning about partitioning, Did you Know? with Maddy (How are ice-rinks made), coats of arms and Doodle Maths. A pic ‘n’ mix of learning today!

Adjectives and castles were high-up on the learning menu today! Do you know your deep moat from your rusty portcullis?

Innovation week in our English work! Today we began planning and mapping the start of our stories. We also made a Hexagon ‘Happy’ Tree with examples of this that make us smile and feel good. Be the way, check out our how our bean seeds are growing! It’s going to be a great week!

Today was one of those days where I feel we achieved a lot. I love days like today. See you on Thursday for more epic learning!

Another patchwork day of learning. We started to write our own innovated stories based on the traditional tale of Jack and the Beanstalk. We then learnt about the life-cycles of plants, created posters and labelled the main parts such as stalks, leaves and roots. To end the day, we had a go at Mr. Watson’s PE challenge in the hall. I can’t to comeback to school tomorrow!

Today we started our last full week as Hexagon Pod. Small in number but big in heart, we experienced lots of different activities today. Mr. Lopez also showed us a game that he played when he was young. It is a very old game but lots of fun and it helps us build up our memory!

Today we applied our knowledge of nouns and adjectives, explored time and tested ourselves on Doodle Maths. In the afternoon, we learnt about and explored shadows in different contexts. Did you know light can not turn corners?!

Time, thinking about the seasons, individual readers and the greatest game ever designed for a school hall! Again, today had it all!