Year 3 - Fabulous Learners again!

I am loving being inundated with fabulous photos of our amazing Year 3 children hard at work at home!  They have been busy completing all the activities set, creating some of their own, all whilst doing it with a cheeky smile on their face!


One young lady has created a model of a volcano as well as completed and backed her learning ready for her SOLE Book journalling - WOW!!!  She has also shown great focus and engagement with her learning tasks.


Another young lady has been having fun raiding her piggy bank to work through the maths challenges set as well as finding a game at home that can help with her money learning.  She has also continued to develop her understanding and knowledge of volcanoes too.


And then we are joined a young man who has been working exceptionally hard at home and has been sending me multiple emails of his learning. 


I am loving seeing how enthusiastic and engaged our Year 3's are with the learning.  It is really heart-warming when we are stuck apart and I only have a camera and a cat for company!  Please keep those photos coming in so that I can continue to celebrate all your fantastic learning by emailing