Year 3 - Warlocks First Day!

Today, the Warlocks have had a great day full of different activities. There were some nerves from some of us coming in after such a long break, but they soon disappeared as soon  as they saw their friends!


We got stuck straight into activities and we really loved exploring pic-collage on the iPads and  videos to make posters and informative videos on how to wash your hands properly. I was really impressed with what they came up with and also how good they were at doing it!


Later, we discussed how different people, including adults, were feeling today about coming back to school after such a long time off. It was great to hear everyone had a positive feeling although some were also feeling worried (including adults) which was to be expected. The class discussed these feelings and came up with some amazing strategies to help each other and it was so great to see such empathetic children!


We finished the afternoon with a fabulous PE session of lots of running around and team games. 


Well done Warlocks for such a fabulous day!