Our Environment



Our environment is based around the concepts of communication, collaboration and creativity. We believe that children have a ‘language’ that as adults we need to listen to and then work alongside them to develop their interests and skills. All our provision is open-ended enabling children to interpret it in their own way.
We love the outdoors and recognise that it has equal value to the inside. We have a school woods on site as well as a large garden space which gives children a wide range of experiences. The outdoor space is planned and resourced by the team to allow the children to develop their skills across all the areas of learning. 
We want to change how parents consider school to be – learning doesn’t have to be sat at a table or involve an adult even. It can happen in many, many ways and we have faith in children that that they have the ability to map out their own adventure. Of course we’re with them on the way!

A child’s early years should be magical and there’s no better place to be magic than

Honiton Primary School Early Years!!!