Reception Home Learning

Our partnership with each parent is vital.  We value our relationships with each child and their family and understand that you have the biggest impact on their success at school.  Each week we will send out their 'Communication in print' words and Makaton signs. We hope that this information will help to keep you informed on what they are focussing on in school so that you can help them to practise these skills at home. If you have any questions or queries or would like any extra support then please do not hesitate to speak to your child's class teacher. 
Thank you to the all the parents who were able to attend the reading and phonics workshop. If you were not able to attend then please take a look at the powerpoint above. We will be running regular phonics and reading workshops so please do let us know how it is going and if you need any further guidance or support. 

Phonics: How to pronounce pure sounds

It is very important to pronounce each sound (phoneme) correctly. Please have a look at the video to see and hear each sound pronounced correctly. If you have any questions about this please come and speak to your child's class teacher who will be very happy to help.

Phonics: How to blend sounds to read words

Your child will be bringing books home with sounds that they have learnt at school in our phonics sessions. Please help them to sound out each sound then blend them together to read the word. Have a look at the video below for more information.