Opening Times

08:00 Breakfast Club opens

08:40 School gate opens

08:50 School begins / gate shut

12:00 F1 am session ends

12:00 F1 pm session begins

12:15 Lunchtime

13:10 Afternoon school begins KS1&2

15:00 Foundation finish

15:00 Gate unlocked

15:05 Key Stage 1 finish

15:15 Key Stage 2 finish

17:30 After School Club closes


Children should not arrive at school before 8:40am as no supervision is provided before this and the entrance gate remains locked. On very wet mornings they can come into the school hall at 8:40 until school begins.


Foundation and Key Stage One children should be brought directly to their classrooms at the beginning of the day and collected from it at the end of the day/session. Please use the classroom outside doors and do not walk through the building. It is the parents’ decision as to whether the child can be met by an older sibling at the end of the day, or in the case of Key Stage Two children if they are allowed to walk home alone or with friends.


Bus Children

Children travelling on the Dunkeswell bus are supervised from the bus to school each morning and from school to the bus at the end of each day. All children are checked against a bus register in their classes each morning and again by the bus escorts at the end of school.