10 - a- Day Choice for Positive Mental health

Working closley with medical proffessionals from our local NHS mental health teams, we are proud to put the 'Ten-a-Day' agenda at the heart of our school culture. Find out more about the program below:
Normal Magic - A guide to balancing your mood and looking after your mental health.

Mission statement:

We are a group of health professionals with backgrounds in Mental Health Nursing and Occupational Therapy who have worked in under 18s health care for over a collective 100 years! Our time in health care services has brought us an abundance of experiences working alongside children, young people and their families.


Our work has been, and continues to be diverse. We are passionate about developing and delivering services that provide assessments and interventions to children and young people who may be accessing health care for guidance on a variety of personal and life challenges. This includes guidance on


  • Recovery from mental health problems; guidance on adjusting meaningful activities of daily life, exploring our unique sensory processing patterns and preferences. 
  • Guidance on fulfilling functions of living through altered environments and enhanced physical support.
  • Guidance on improving mentally and physically healthier living.


Our work has also been, and continues to be, working with our most brilliant colleagues across health, education and social care delivering training, consultation and supervision. We very much love our lives in these fields. We stand in awe of human beings, inspired by how we all navigate some of the toughest personal challenges that swipe that carpet from beneath our feet. We are inspired by hearing and observing how we all strive to find our grounding, to hold ourselves proud, to grasp a settled future. A future that can start today: where we aim to feel safe, to feel love and happiness, feel contentment and most importantly feel strong enough to face the hurdles that stand in the way.


We are creating this non profit making website and channel drawing on donated time from the most inspiring people we know. We aim to share a blossoming channel of information, ideas, knowledge and experiences which we truly hope inspires you.



Normal Magic - A short film explaining how the 'magic' can work for every pupil!
Ten-a-Day Poster!
Ten-a-Day in action. A guide for parents.