Severe Weather

School procedures in the event of snow during the night


If it snows heavily during the night and the roads into Honiton are affected, it is likely that the school will need to be closed, due to the lack of teaching staff able to get to school.


An email will be sent to all parents by 7:30am. We will also post a message on the school website homepage and on the Devon County Council website. 


If the school has to be closed, this will be for the whole day, whatever the change in conditions. 


If conditions improve and the roads clear, you can assume that school will be open as normal the following day.


School procedures in the event of weather deterioration during a school day


If there is a serious deterioration in the weather during a school day (i.e. when the children are already in school), it is possible that after consultation with Stamps Coaches and the transport contractors, it might be necessary to send some children home early. If teachers need to drive home early it might be necessary to send all children home.


You will doubtless wish to prepare for such an eventuality by making arrangements to ensure that children always have somewhere to go if parents were not at home. Perhaps neighbours or friends would be prepared to help? We should be grateful if parents could ensure that their children are quite clear about such emergency arrangements.


An email message will be sent out as soon as a decision is made, and we will ensure that all bus children’s parents have confirmed with us that someone will be at the other end to collect their child. Please also be assured that local members of staff will remain in school until all children have gone home. 


Please make sure that we have your up-to-date contact details and that you check your emails and/or the school website/Facebook page for closure information.


All absences due to snow where the school sends pupils home or closes will be authorised.