Nursery Admissions



We currently have vacancies for three- and four-year-olds. Funding is available for 15 hours a week, 38 weeks per year, for all three- and four-year-olds from the beginning of term after their third birthday until they start school. For more information, please click here
Funding is also available for 30 hours a week, 38 weeks per year, for three- and four-year-olds whose parents are eligible for the extended entitlement (see here for more information about eligibility, and how to apply).
In addition, we can take children from the day after their third birthday. If these children are eligible for two-year-old funding (see here) because they have received 'a Golden Ticket', then this can be used to pay for their place. Alternatively, parents can pay for their children's sessions until they are entitled to three-and four-year-old funding (which starts from the term after their third birthday).

Nursery Admissions 

Admissions to nursery are made directly through the school. Please complete the admissions form below to apply for a place. Parents of younger children can complete the expression of interest form and we will contact you during the term before your child is due to start at nursery. More information can be found in our admissions policy.

Nursery Before and After School Club

Children attending nursery can now book into our Before and After School Club which runs from 8.00-9.00am and 3.00-5.30pm. Places need to be booked in advance through the school office. We accept childcare vouchers and tax free childcare, but we cannot offer this as part of the Early Years funded provision. Please talk to a member of the office or nursery staff for more information.


Reception Class Admissions

Admissions to Reception Class are made through the Devon normal rounds admissions process. Please visit our admissions page for further details.

Opening Hours

Nursery sessions run from:

8:50am-12 noon or 12noon-3pm or 8:50am-3pm. We are open 38 weeks during the school term.


Additional sessions beyond 15 hours per week cost £12.60 per session and we can provide 30 hour weeks for those entitled depending on session availability. We usually ask parents to consider booking a minimum of 3 sessions with us so that we can build relationships and enable them to play their part in our ‘family’.

Please come and have a look at our fantastic facilities to see for yourself! 

To arrange a visit please ring the office on 01404 548700 during school hours, or contact us on the form below. We look forward to seeing you soon.