What is Wellbeing?

Wellbeing defined...

According the the Oxford English Dictionary, Wellbeing is defined as:


'the state of being comfortable, healthy and happy'

What does a 'well' school look like?
How does HPS aspire to be a 'well' school?

As a school, we aspire to:



  • Put Wellbeing at the heart of our whole school development plans (SDP)
  • See ourselves as more than just a school. We aim to be a hub of community support.
  • Value the wellbeing of children, parents and staff alike offering information, support and guidance when it is needed.
  • Become an active participant in the 'Well Schools' national movement driven by the Youth Sports Trust.
  • Promote opportunities that support the NHS 'Ten-a-Day' wellbeing program and the 'Five Steps to Good Mental Health' agenda.
  • Celebrate all of the positve actions our school community are taking to promote and celebrate wellbing.