Breakfast & After School Club

Our Breakfast and After School Clubs run every day during term time. 


Breakfast Club


8.00am until 8.50am Monday - Friday.
Children to be dropped off at the Hall.


The Breakfast Club will provide breakfast (until 8.30, from when fruit is available) and activities until 8.50am, when KS1 children will be escorted to their classrooms. KS2 children make their way to their classrooms.



Reception to Year 6: £4.30 per session. However, if children arrive at 8:30am or later, the fee is reduced to £1.10.

Nursery Class: Club not available for Nursery children.


After School Club


3.00pm to 5.30pm Monday - Friday.


The After School Club offers free choice activities centred around the children's interests and hobbies. A healthy snack is provided. Children in KS1 are collected from their classrooms. KS2 children make their own way to the Hall.



Reception to Year 6: £4.30 from 3:00pm-4:00pm and a further £4.30 per hour thereafter.

Nursery Class: Club not available for Nursery children.


Contact: 01404 548700 or 07922 549746

Before & After School Club Booking Form

Children must be registered to attend the club, and payments must be made in advance. 

We accept Childcare Vouchers and are registered for the new Tax-Free Childcare scheme.

Children should be dropped off and picked up from the hall door at the side of the main building and not through the reception area.

BASC Policy for arrivals, departures, missing child, late collection, fees, admissions and safeguarding