About Us

Early Years at Honiton Primary School - where learning through play is the way! 


Our Early Years team, which incorporates our Nursery and Reception classes, is committed to providing an environment that is rich with possibilities, develops children’s independence and puts children right at the centre of their own learning. Our practice is play-based since we believe that play with all its language, physicality and social interaction is what gives children the right and appropriate grounding for their educational journey. Play is our heartbeat but alongside this we also incorporate direct teaching times across each day to introduce and consolidate skills in phonics, mathematics and personal and emotional development.

We enable children to engage in their own challenges and bring their own energies into their learning and go into their play to move them forward through their high engagement. Our end of year outcomes are strong because we pair our high expectations with open-mindedness to children’s imaginations and dreams.
Our team has many years of experience within Early Years and we are frequently visited by other schools who want to learn how to develop their own practice. We see ourselves, along with the children, as one big family – why not come and join us and take part in something special?
Have a look through the Nursery and Reception pages of this website to find out more, and if you would like to come and visit, please phone the school office on 01404 548700 to arrange a tour, or fill in our enquiry form which can be found here