26th April ... Time for the 2.6 Challenge!

Today is the start of the nations #Twopointsixchallenge, where, instead of thousands of people taking part in the London Marathon, the country is hoping thousands of families will embrace the 2.6 challenge!

Over the course of this week, we would like you to take part in this challenge - anything that involves the numbers 2 and 6 ... dance to your favourite songs for 2.6 or 26 minutes, do 26 press ups, bake 26 cakes, read 26 pages of your book, jump 26 times on your trampoline, create an animation with 26 shots - you can choose ANYTHING!

But whatever you do, record it! On the record sheet, take a photograph or record a video and let us know how you get on.

Email admin@honiton-pri.devon.sch.uk as usual and we will share and showcase your incredible efforts in the nation's challenge! 

*Please check your emails for the letter and record sheet containing all the information you need. Thank you, good luck and have fun!