A busy week in Year 5!

Another busy week for this Year 5 superstar as he has juggled attending school and his home learning. What dedication and absorption! ⭐️

There is an update on the mummified orange! It was taken out, unwrapped and it was found to be very dry and hard, the skin had changed colour and it appeared darker! It has been wrapped up again and will be checked in another few weeks!

There have been lots of English completed too: direct speech practice tasks, a word sack to develop speech ideas further which led to the creation of a super storyboard. Well done. 👏🏻

And if that wasn't enough, he then took on the Science challenges; testing how different materials affect the way a toy car travels down a slope, he wrote some predictions for this and designed a table to show if his predictions came true. Amazing work! Keep it up! 😊