And so it begins ... 👷🏼‍♂️

Gathering the children's ideas many months ago with suggestions as to how to improve play times and lunchtimes, was the first step forwards for our Playground Development Project. And as with all great things, it has taken patience and perseverance to research, negotiate and plan for today. 👍🏻

The team from Pentagon Play have begun in earnest: line marking, digging and making a start on the constructions that will enhance the EYFS outside play area; the KS1 playground; the top of the KS2 playground for Years 3 & 4; along with the edge of the field for Years 5 & 6.


Thank you to everyone for your co-operation and bearing with us during this time. 😊


Keep an eye out here for further photographs as the week progresses. What an exciting time for the pupils of HPS! 😁