Anti-Bullying Week @ HPS 2019

We are pleased to announce that last week we held a very successful Anti-Bullying Week (ABW) at Honiton Primary School. Starting the week as a whole school we thought about what it means to be a good friend and what behaviours constitute bullying. As the week progressed, a member of the NSPCC charity visited HPS to hold assemblies and workshops with children across Key Stages 1&2. Their message focused around the different forms of abuse that constitute bullying and the ways in which you can access support should you not feel safe. It was great to hear back from the NSPCC saying how encouraged they were by our children's knowledge and understanding in regard to personal, social and health education. They also noted how mature and attentive all the children were when listening to the messages being taught to them. As the week progressed, all classes across the school continued to explored the themes taught to them whilst also refreshing their understanding of internet safety and staying smart online. Keep an eye out for some examples of great work from the week in the following days (some have already been published to give you a taste of what took place across the school during ABW)