Biff, Chip and the Magic Key are coming to HPS - Oxford Reading Tree Book Scheme

Dear Parents,


Reading at HPS has always been positively talked about by pupils and many, many lovely comments have been passed by children and visitors alike concerning the re-vamped library and wide selection of books further up the school.


But... I have always thought that reading at Key Stage 1 really needed more rigour and more excitement. Children having more opportunity to read, and be heard read, as well as having more books to read from.  It has taken me a little time but finally, I have managed to wriggle and jiggle the school budget to find money for this absolutely vital area.


So, I am happy to announce that we have been able to purchase over 1600+ books of the Oxford Reading Tree with its world famous characters such as; Biff, Chip and Floppy the Dog.  This is a much loved and vaunted scheme known across the world and has as Oxford University proudly declare, has taught over 30 million children to read.


I am currently training the staff in how the system works and will subsequently be training the children too. I will put out a date for parents to come in as well to have a look. It is a very straight forward reading system which all stakeholders can quickly understand and can use to both stretch and support readers. It is all linked to the phonics the children learn and the books are very exciting  and engaging reads.  I am very excited to have secured this resource for our children and know it will be worth the wait and financial manoeuvres.


Best wishes,


Mr Tribble