From darkness springs light

From Darkness springs Light.


Sadly, yesterday, I was called to the Year 1 and 2 playground due to report of swearing and 'argy bargy' by a group of boys from HCC.  Thank fully, our children were all inside still and no little ears or eyes saw much or any of the commotion.  It had ceased by the time I had arrived from the Nursery.   This is the darkness.


The light is our heroic Mum's. The Mum's who were there, you were very brave and "stepped up" to keep a young man safe from thuggery and to impose the standards of decency on a school sight.


I have reviewed the CCTV footage with the secondary school this morning and they will take the appropriate actions on their end.


My appropriate action is to thank those who, literally, put themselves in the midst of the problem to do the right thing. It would have been very easy to standby and watch the scene unfold but... HPS Mum's - you were our superstars and guardian angels to a young man outnumbered and under threat.


You are the light and another example of why I am so proud of our community and so grateful to our super mums.


Many thanks.


Mr Tribble