Important information!

Thursday 16th May Lunch

16th May is school census day. We are funded for the KS1 and Free School Meals based on the number of children who have a school meal on this day. To encourage as many children as possible, they can come to school in non-uniform for the day. Don’t forget, all children in Reception, Year 1 & 2 are entitled to a free lunch!

Please note the menu changes for Thursday 16th & Friday 17th May.


Lunch options on Thursday 16th May will be:

Battered Fish Fillet; Homemade Cheese Wheel; Homemade Chocolate Brownie


Lunch for Friday 17th May will be:

Homemade Chicken & Sweetcorn Pasta Bake; Vegetable & Black Bean Taco; Fruit Cocktail & Raspberry Jelly