Keeping Children Safe Online

Dear All,


As you may be sadly aware, several reportings have happened up and down the country regarding devious people 'hiding' inappropriate and dangerous messages within usually harmless and much loved children's media.  Peppa Pig episodes on Youtube have been targeted for example to host embedded nasties.


We take this very seriously and Mr Hasler our ICT leader and Assistant Headteacher has sent you a letter today. Please do take the time to read it.


In line with Devon County Council advice we will not be sharing the names of such websites with our children to avoid popularising them and because we do not want to promote them further. We will be talking to our children carefully about keeping safe online, what to look out for and what to do if any 'creepy' characters ask them to do things that make them feel uncomfortable.


I hope you will agree that keeping a vigilant eye is the thing to do and just monitor what they are accessing on phones, tablets and smart TV's etc at home would be brilliant.


Do read the letter for more clarity, helpful links and tips to keep us all that little bit safer.


Many thanks,


Mr Tribble