Key Stage 1 Assembly and Cake and a Story

It was amazing to hear so many of the children share how they have used their skills acorns over the last week outside of school. We had children who had to manage their distractions at home when doing their doodle, children who had to show perseverance in their swimming lessons and one child who had to show collaboration in beavers while doing races! Well done to all the children who are showing and recognising their skill acorns outside of school. Next week we have challenged the children to see if they can spot other people showing our skill acorns. Can you see when your parent shows perseverance? Do you recognise if somebody else is showing empathy and listening? 


We have also had some children come along for Cake and a Story. These children read at least 5 times last week and were chosen by random to come for a cake and to share a story. Well done to all of those children who have read at least 5 times, keep reading!