Key Stage 1 Assembly

An amazing first week back after half term in years 1 and 2.  Have a look at some of the pictures of the certificates of what some of our children have been recognised for this week.

We have also had 14 children receive their bronze or silver badge this week. Well done!


We also spoke about our Growth Guide and our acorn skills and how they are there to help us in the classroom, on the playground, outside of school and to be world ready people. 

The skill acorn we are focussing on next week in Key Stage 1 is Managing Distractions. This means we are trying to look, listen and focus on our task. We would love for you to talk to your child about this skill and tell us of times in the next week when they have managed their distractions outside of school. This could be while reading with you, during swimming lessons or playing an instrument! Have a lovely weekend and practice managing your distractions.