Kumi's House and EYFS

Hello All,


The rain is pouring here so I thought that I would post up some good news from a brighter day.


Yesterday, was an important day for various safety checks around the building and grounds. Even though we can't be there we want everything to be safe and in good order for when we return.  A huge thank to Mr Brice and also, Mr Perryman, our Caretakers for helping in this area too. 


As I knew that this would be a 'hands on' day, I hatched a plan to improve the grounds and other bits and bobs for us all. Again, more thanks, I (from a safe distance) trained up Ms Haley in how to replace a roof! She didn't hit her thumb once hitting in the tacks unlike someone else who shall remain nameless (but with a throbbing thumb! :).


Kumi has an improved house; stripped, sanded, painted and felted plus EYFS have the start of a new sensory garden.


Many thanks to the Alcock boys for donating the paint and to Mr Tribble Snr for donating the roofing felt.  Ms Haley, huge thanks to you too.


Have a look at the pictures and hopefully, you will smile on this rainy day.  


Stay safe and Scrub-a-dub-dub! Wash in the tub!


Miss you all,


Mr Tribble