Me again! Re:Collecting children.

Good Evening All,


Sorry to interrupt your weekend but I had a lovely enquiry that I thought I would answer publicly as it would help many of you - perhaps.


End of the day.  In my over-zealous enthusiasm to safely greet you all back to school, I didn't state that the end of the day will remain largely the same, bar the much enhanced social distancing.


We changed the morning as to alleviate the normal rush and busyness of the morning hustle and bustle. The end of the day collections are often much more leisurely and relaxed with people arriving with more time and now with plenty more space.  Those parents collecting please just pick a 'spot' (literally) to stand around/on and the children will flow out to you through the large gaps. Please make full use of the pedestrianised portion of the carpark too as to spread out further still.


Many thanks and a restful weekend.


Mr Tribble