Mr Tribble - Year 2 bubble to close - 14 days

Dear All,


It gives me no pleasure to have to close the Year 2 Bubble. A staff member has been confirmed as positive for Coronavirus (COVID 19) whilst at home and they will remain there. 


I would now ask you to keep your child/ren at home for the subsequent 14 days and read the letter you have been sent. 


I have attached a video for the adults to explain and 'walk and talk' you through the ramifications of the letter, so do please watch carefully.


Additionally, as this affects our younger children, I am going to subsequently post a child friendly version to explain to the children what is happening and why, in a way that will help them not to worry and give them some reassurance from Mr Tribble. If you want to use it then it's there for you or if you want to explain it yourself then great too. The offer and option is there.