Otterhead Lakes Art Visit

Otterhead Lakes Art Visit.


Well, what a day! Continuing our research for the Wild Escape Project, the children from years 4 and 5 made their way by minibus to Otterhead Lakes today. There, we admired the wealth of different foliage and imagined how the land may have been for the Honiton Hippo, so many years ago. 

We collected branches of fallen trees and shrubs, creating a makeshift canopy with them to shelter from the rain. We clambered along muddy trails, past the beautiful lakes, until we reached the forest, where children investigated the land: adding to existing shelters and collecting natural resources. From there, we continued to “The Dragon Tree”: a gnarled, fallen tree which, when looked at with the correct degree of imagination, resembles a dragon lying on the forest floor. Using our collected resources, the children set to work developing the dragon sculpture, in a wonderful collaborative piece of three dimensional art. 

A simply wonderful day of investigation, imagination and collaboration. We can’t wait for more!