Play Projects! - The birth of Self-Organised Learning (SOLE) at HPS

Today we introduced the Reception children to ‘Play Projects’. Projects are a brilliant way of engaging children in their SOLE (self-organised learning experience) Today we asked the children to use two elements of the project idea, a write and a make based around our class story, Goldilocks and the Three Bears. A write can be any form of mark-making for meaning. Most of our children now choose to write their name, a CVC word or a caption. Some are even exploring short sentences! A create can be any form of design that uses the principles and skills involved in Junk Modelling (drawing, colouring, cutting, sticking, painting, glueing etc) All of the children are encouraged to use technology to help them keep track of the parts of their Project that they have completed. At the end of every Projects session we choose ‘Master Makers of the Day’! who get to hold the Silver Cups of Joy as a reward!