Prime Ministerial Update - HPS

Dear All,


I hope that you are all well and managed to get a little fresh air betweens the bouts of "liquid sunshine".  Just a note to say, that whatever is announced later, we will deal with it together. The leadership team and I will listen, like you, to what Mr Johnson has to say and then action what will be necessary to make any changes. 


I'm sure, like us, you have your fingers crossed for the return of children to school and the regaining of routines that everyone in the waking world is used to. I also hope though, that in these lockdowns, you have found or remembered key things that will remain with you. Time spent baking, drawing, singing, dancing around in your pyjamas and indeed just watching the birds out of the window on a rainy day. 


So, worry not. As always, when we know the details, we will turn them into what will be here 'on-the-ground' and get the information out the door forthwith. 


Hang in there folks - hopefully there is light at the end of this tunnel (and hopefully a little less rain). 


See you soon and keep smiling - the sun is out.


Mr Tribble