Remember our gates close at 08:50 and to 'go with the flow'

Dear All,


Many, many thanks to you all for getting the vast, vast majority of the school in on time for 08:50. I realise that this caught a few people out but this does stress the importance of reading the emails and the reminders.


Prior to COVID19 we always closed the gates at 08:50 and we are trying to regain that normality and reclaim the extra learning time.


Again, many thanks for the support through your punctuality.


PS - Several Mum's have asked if I could remind Year 1/2 parents to remember the one-way system on the back playground. Please do enter from the back gate on the lane and then exit by the gate by the BusyBees hut/Nursery end. This will help the 'flow' of people and be quicker for everyone.


Many thanks and best wishes,


Mr Tribble