Selected Year 4 & 5 Pupils - The Wild Escape

In conjunction with the Thelma Hulbert Museum, a selection of children from year 4 and year 5 have been invited to take part in a very exciting collaborative art event, as part of a national project entitled “The Wild Escape”. 


Building towards a nationwide moment on Earth Day 2023, The Wild Escape invites primary school children (ages 7-11) to find a favourite animal in their local museum and create an artwork imagining its journey to a natural habitat. 


Led by sculptor, Alistair Lambert, we began the research part of our project on Monday with a wonderful visit to All Hallows Museum. Here, we were welcomed by the incredibly kind volunteers, met the real life “Bones” the hippo, investigated the museum and sculpted our very own miniature hippos. What a wonderful start to our “Wild Escape” project! We can’t wait to show you what else we create as the project progresses!