Thank you for the message!

This young Elf wrote me a letter and sent me some pictures of what learning he has been up to at home. Big smile alert! Proud of him...


To Mr Lopez

Jenson and me want to play with you, as we miss you and our friends lots and lots.

We have been learning about France, animals and growing. I have been looking at the home learning and thought to do it too as it looked fun about castles and jack and the bean stalk.

I also love doing my doodle maths. Did you know my pet is a penguin and it has a ice cream and fidget spinner! Do you do your doodle maths Mr Lopez? (I have not got my own account yet but I have been watching your friends play it in school and it looks great! I can't wait for you to show me how to do it. I hear you can earn stars to build your own robot...awesome!)

Hope to see you soon

Love xx