Transition to Year 4

What a fun, though tiring, last 3 days we have all had! The new 4HM have had a great time playing maths games, problem solving, collaborating, decorating, being creative and sporty too!


After the big move on Friday to our new classroom, the class adapted well and have loved the new space we have been in.  They have made an all about me booklet for me to find out even more about each one of them, decorated their new SOLE books beautifully and finished the first day off with parachute games on the field.


On the Tuesday they began the day playing a range of maths games that got their brains thinking and solving some pretty challenging questions.  This was then followed with some beautiful artwork ready for our topic in September. That afternoon was spent working together asa team, finding out ways to communicate effectively with others whilst also offering

encouragement. I was very impressed with their mature and reflective approach to this. 


On on our last day of the school year, we again started with our maths games, but followed it up by writing a letter to our future selves to read in a years’ time.  We wrote about what we hope to achieve in the next year as well as mentioning all the great things we have been doing recently.  I can’t wait to see them open those letters in a year!


I hope you all have a wonderful holiday.  Be safe, have fun and see you in September ready and raring to go!