What superstars!

Wow Year 2 - you are all doing amazing, we are so proud of you all.


This week, I have received some lovely emails from some very proud mums! These two boys have had a super busy week and have produced some fantastic pieces of home learning. 


Firstly, Josh has been busy doing: lego division, bar charts of his teddy's, number bonds to 10 & 20, recycling projects, designing his own book cover & sketching/shading pictures of the sunset.


Then we have Oliver, who has also designed his own book cover. Alongside this, he has been doing a mini project on growing fruit and vegetables. He has used old wooden planter and measured and lined it, filled it and has grown strawberries in it. He created instructions on how to plant a strawberry plant and is starting a growth observation diary. He did this alongside drawing and labelling parts of a plant and comparing what plants need to survive compared to humans and animals. 


Boys, I am absolutely blown away by your amazing home learning- you should both be SO proud of yourself. Well done!


Keep being amazing year 2 & keep extra safe! :)