Year 2 - Amazing First Day!

Wow! What a great first day! 


We we have been so impressed by how sensible and grown up the children came into class today! They have matured a lot over the summer and definitely gotten taller!


We have enjoyed a range of activities linked to our new Vision Circle and spent some time working both inside and outside the classroom.


We focused first on the Growth Guide and our skill acorns and worked collaboratively together to achieve our goals. We discussed why working collaboratively was important and how it helps us be ready for the world. Next, we played a tricky memory game in teams to work on our perseverance. We had Lego pieces to then use to replicate a model the teacher was holding BUT she kept it hidden and only let us 1 at a time look at it for 5 seconds before we returned to our team.  It was a game we were all engaged with and we learnt how to manage our frustrations and get through that learning pit to succeed. 


This afternoon we explored the vision circle a bit more and learnt about the SOLE approach to learning and how we use those skills to learn what the government sets in the National Curriculum. 


It it was a great first day and we can’t wait to see all the smiley faces tomorrow!