Year 2 - Birch Class School Sleepover!

9.30pm and they’re still going strong watching a movie!


They have had such an awesome evening getting u to all sorts of activities. Once they had set all their beds up, we were in playing and enjoying all the activities in the classroom before heading outside to play on the huge climbing frame and scootboards - they are great fun!


After, our yummy pizza and chips came and it was time for dinner! We loved it, especially eating outside!


Next, it was time to explore the woods and we made fire!!! Of course, with any good fire, marshmallows are needed so they were toasted and loved. 


We’ve just come back from our whole school night walk where some teachers are going to get cheeky surprises on Monday morning! They absolutely loved having their own board room meeting and becoming the deputy head in Mrs Nicholas’ office. 


Not long now and they’ll be heading to bed and hopefully sleep all night!! Fingers crossed!!!