Year 2 - Birch Class - Searching and Pirating Around!



Wow! What an adventure we got to go on on Tuesday!


After a long coach ride (and a long walk) we made it up to Berry Head in Brixham.  We visited the bird watching station and observed the guillemots nesting on the cliff in front of us.  We couldn’t believe how loud they were or how strange they sounded.  After we completed some geography fieldwork and spent some time observing the area and spotting the physical features of the area.  It was beautiful and the sea looked turquoise.  It was then time for lunch and boy were we hungry.  Whilst eating we learnt about the rare greater horseshoe bat that lived in the caves below where we were eating and discussed what made their habitat the best for them.  Next we saw the weirdest lighthouse we had ever seen!! Did you know that Berry Head lighthouse is the highest but shortest lighthouse in the country??


After all of these adventures on Berry Head it was time to do the long walk back to the coach to head down to The Golden Hind.  We were all excited and met by a pirate who taught us so much!  We explored the ship and found out that over 70 people would have been on board this small ship.  Most would have had to sleep below with the animals and we decided it would not have been very clean or smelt nice.  We thought the funniest job was for the person that had to clean the ‘poop deck’!  We walked the plank, searched for skeletons and learnt our pirate names too.  We couldn’t believe how fun it was and how much we could explore.


Then the long journey home had arrived.  We got on the coach and many of us felt incredibly tired - some even fell asleep!  It was great to be back in Honiton, but I know many want to go back again another time!