Year 2 environmentalists!

Wow Year 2, I am one very proud teacher! This week I have received two lovely emails from some very proud families. This week two member of Goblins class have been bettering their environment by litter picking. 


''On all our walks he is horrified by the amount of litter around often muttering about ‘how people should care more about our world, how they are polluting it and don’t they know it affects them too’. We had to have a chat to about how really he should have gloves due to germs, especially at the moment. On Father’s Day we were in a car park about to walk the coast path when he tears off a page of newspaper from the car and walks across the car park to go and pick up the empty bottles people have left! After a full sweep of the car park we were finally allowed to go on our walk!''

''We have also been landscaping our garden and he has been helping and deciding what can be recycled and what needs to go in the skip. We also discussed what happens to the rubble etc that goes in the skip.'' 


It is lovely to see the next generation taking up the baton and showing the world how it's done! You should both be SO proud of yourself! 


Miss Emery! :)