Year 2 - Is it fit for purpose?

This afternoon, as part of our DT, we learnt about a fantastic structural engineer named Roma Agrawal. She is the person behind one of the most iconic buildings - The Shard in London.  


We explored how columns are are often used in the foundations of buildings and how it is important on the size and diameter of the, to ensure they can hold the weight.


We did a test by creating a large column out of paper and balanced a whiteboard and a weight on it.  They collapsed underneath the weight and we found that they weren’t fit for purpose. Next, we created and tested a narrow column where we rolled up paper really tight. This held a considerable amount of weight before bending. Some of our whiteboards almost broke with the pressure we placed on them!


We came to the conclusion that if lots of narrow columns were packed tightly together it would hold a good amount so guess what we did.......we tested it by making it and having a child stand on it!!  It held her weight!