Year 2 - Minibeast Detectives R Us!

WOW! What a fabulous day!


We started the day learning what the difference was between and insect and a mini-beast.  Did you know that an insect has 3 parts of their body? A thorax, a head and an abdomen. They also have 6 legs and antennae. All the others are mini-beasts and not insects.


After, we went on our hunt in the woods.  Some made friends with the creatures whilst others noticed that the mini beasts preferred dark, damp hidden places and were often camouflaged in with their surroundings.  We collected a tally of what creatures we could find. Guess what the most popular was......Woodlice! However, we did find something we weren't expecting hiding under a log....A SALAMANDER!!!


In the afternoon, we had a go at 3 different activities. We designed a bug hotel, we created pictograms to show the most popular mini beasts found and we began to sketch a map of the school. 


Everyone worked incredibly hard and had a great day!