Year 2 RNLI visit

Year 2 have been lucky today by having a visit from John from the RNLI charity to talk to us about beach safety. We learnt lots of different ways to stay safe when at the beach or what to do when we might be in trouble in water. Remember: if you are stuck in a rip current (when the water is dragging you out the sea) then swim sideways first to get out of the current and then head back to shore. If the water is so cold that your arms and legs don't feel like they work, or you become too tired, then float! 


Ask the children if they can remember what the different flags mean-

Red: no swimming as it is unsafe.

Yellow and red: It is safe to swim between these flags.

Black and white: surfers only.

Orange wind sock: no inflatables as the wind is blowing out to sea.


We also learnt how important it is for the RNLI to get dressed quickly in an emergency- Miss Wilton got beaten by our newest lifeguard in a race to get changed the quickest!