Year 2 Stover Country Park Trip

Last week, we had a great time at Stover Country Park learning about different habitats and how animals and plants are adapted for them.  We walked around the park, looking at different places, discussing what animals we could see and learning about the environment.  We also got a chance to go pond dipping as well and learnt all about the creatures living in the small pond there!


Did you know…..


In the marshland habitat, there is a bird with a long skinny beak, long skinny legs and long toes called a Snipe to help it get around and dig for food amongst the reeds.  Snakes also live there and can slither and swim out into the lake for food and then come back!


In the broadleaf woodland habitat, squirrels, woodpeckers and pheasants were present, even with us being there!  Hung on the large oak tree was a bird feeder and we also got to see some blue tits there too.


In the coniferous woodland habitat, very few plants and animals live.  This is because of the very tall trees that block out the sunlight to the ground.  There are no animals there because plants, that animals feed off, can’t grow there.


We all had a really great time and we learnt so much about the area near to where we live.  Everyone represented HPS brilliantly and wanted to go back again!