Year 3 - Amazing Learning at Home!

Over the last couple of days I have been inundated with emails of fabulous learning from children within Year 3.  It's time to celebrate and praise the phenomenal effort and fantastic attitudes towards their learning.  I didn't get to upload it yesterday as planned due to the lovely internet connect at home, but that's now sorted and it's time to share with you all the things that have been putting a huge smile on my face.


I start with a young man who has been so dedicated to his learning and has been completing the learning tasks each and every day with a smile on his face and no complaining.  His handwriting has improved immensely and his topic learning on volcanoes has been brilliant.  I can see he has been learning lots at home!  


Next, another young man has been sending me photos daily of all his activities he has been completing.  Often, he has been so eager to get the learning done that I receive the photos before 9am!  Keep it up young man!


Lastly, this young lady is showing a great positive attitude to her learning.  She happily sits and watches the tutorial videos and completes each and every learning task with a smile on her face and no complaining.  


I am proud of each and every child mentioned here for the fabulous learning and attitudes that they are showing during this tricky time!


Keep it up and keep sending those photos in to us at: