Year 3 - Blown away by it all!

I have had a wonderful evening last night and day today due to the abundance of learning I have been sent!  I cannot believe how focused and engaged you guys are and what you are creating at home!!  You are all super amazing for staying focused and engaged with each of the learning activities that we are setting and I am so incredibly proud.


Today, I get to upload 32, yes 32 photos of learning that I have been sent from children across the year group who have been working really hard.  There is a mixture of English, SOLE, maths, reading comprehension and GPS there alongside handwriting too.  Some of you guys are not just completing 1 of the maths challenges, but all 3 that are being set which is phenomenal!


Keep up the amazing learning guys because we are all super duper proud of you!


Tomorrow's is up and ready for you to peruse and prepare, but if you do get a moment, don't forget to pop by the library tomorrow to get some new and exciting books to read and you may even get to see this smiley, happy face!!