Year 3 - History of Honiton Visit to All Hallows’ Museum

We started our day of learning today with a trip to the local museum in the high street where we were met by the lovely Margaret who shared with us information from Honiton’s past.  We were very fortunate because she has lived locally all her life and was able to share a wealth of information with us.


Did you know that there was once 800 horses living and being cared for in Honiton and that it was this town was on the main route between London and Exeter for the stagecoaches?


We learnt a lot about children of the past locally and were surprised to learn that children as young as 7 were expected to get up at 5am to tend to the horses and not finish work until 9pm - What a long day that was! We also learnt how children were sent to make the lace and they were taught from as young as 5 Year’s old before being sent to make it by hand for 12 hour a day.



We realised how lucky we were to be able to receive an education like we do and that we don’t have to work.  Did you know that lessons used to be really boring! Only Writing, maths, reading and RE used to be taught, none of the fun stuff we get to do and the teachers were able to hit them across the hand with a cane!