Year 3 - It’s all Greek to Me!!

Wow! What a day!


What fantastic costumes and effort made by each and everyone.  We started the day, reading a Greek myth, Theseus and the Minotaur and discussing how we would have felt being sent to the labyrinth to be eaten.  Some of us made a link to Hansel and Gretel!


We then went on to learn a traditional Greek dance known as the Zorba. Sadly, no plates were smashed 😂. The children looked fantastic and created a real buzz and entertainment for onlookers; Mr Tribble was particularly impressed!


Next, everyone wrote their names in Greek and were surprised to find that some letters didn’t exist in the Greek alphabet.


Afterwards, came the food tasting!  As teachers, we were surprised by how many children really liked the feta and figs! Olives however created some funny faces 😩😆 We were really proud of everyone for taking a risk and trying new things!


Then came the best best bit! We made wine by stomping on grapes 🍇 like they used to do in Ancient Greece.  It was quite a sensory experience that most found funny and strange, however a few really didn’t like it!


This afternoon was full of pattern and pot making so overall we have had an absolutely awesome day!