Year 3 - Keep it Up!

Today the weather has been grey and horrible and maybe some of us have wanted to stay in our beds a little longer, but not Year 3!!  I have received multiple emails today with examples of some of the learning that they have been getting up to at home.


Not only that, I have seen that nearly everybody across the year group has gone on to DoodleMaths this morning which is great.  Even better however that some have not only done their daily dose of DoodleMaths, but they have also had a go at their DoodleTables, DoodleSpell and DoodleEnglish!  Well done to those boys that are showing great dedication to their learning - it doesn't go unnoticed!


Tomorrow's learning is all uploaded and ready for you, but don't forget to sign in to your doodlemaths before 10am in the morning to work through some of the questions and challenges on there.


And....If you are running out of reading books and in desperate need of something different to read, the library is open on Thursday between 9am - 11am and 1.15 - 2.45pm.  Head on down where you will be greeted by me, Miss McManus, who is eager to hear about what you have been getting up to! 


Hope to see you then!