Year 3 - Keeping Happy, Healthy and Hardworking!

Today I have received some lovely photos and emails from parents showing and telling me the things that they have done today to keep a health and happy mind as well as piece of learning that their child was proud of completing.  Some things they done to keep a happy mind for one young lady have included: singing her favourite song, dressing in her favourite clothes, minnie mouse leggings, Exeter Chiefs rugby shirt, school hoodie and a CWC (spy ninjas) bumbag. She has also made a place she wants to visit once lockdown is over, turns out it's McDonald's! 


Another young lady has been proud of her RE learning from yesterday and a young man has created a lovely poster inspired from the video in English today.


Keep up the amazing learning guys, you are all doing HPS proud!  As always, learning for tomorrow is up and ready for you!


Have a lovely evening and I can't wait to receive the emails tomorrow.