Year 3 - Keeping Safe and Keeping our Mental Wellbeing High!

It has been so lovely to receive some photos early this morning and over the weekend from some very dedicated individuals who have been working incredibly hard with their learning.  Not only have they completed the tasks set, but again, they have done so with a smile on their faces.


One young lady has taken up running 1 mile a day with her family whilst also creating tsunamis at home and getting creative by making slime and posters to help her mental well being.  It is great to see those of you really taking care of yourselves and finding the time to do some nice, fun and happy tasks to look after yourself.


Another young lady has focused on all her learning and her writing is coming on leaps and bounds!!  It is so great to see her challenge and push herself, even with having a go at her brothers Year 4 learning!


Lastly comes a young man who completes his learning so early and I receive all the pictures before 10am!  It is great to see such a dedicated bunch of children!


Keep up the amazing learning and activities to look after your mental well being.


Tomorrow's tasks are up and ready for you to prepare or even have a go at!  There is a key focus on mental well-being with different activities to choose from to help through these challenging times so have a look and see if there are any that interest you!


Look after yourself and hopefully see you all soon!