Year 3 - Looking after their Mental Health!

Today I have received some lovely photos of a couple of children making sure that they were looking after their mental health and well-being.  They have taken the time to either draw or paint their family that they live with, danced to their favourite song, gone on a 'E' hunt around the hunt trying to find as many things as they could beginning with E as well as going to 'drive in movie'.  Unfortunately, they didn't have a box to sit in, so a shopping bag had to do! hehe!!


On top of looking after their mental health though, they have also completed the learning tasks set which is fabulous!  Keep up the amazing learning guys!!


Tomorrow's learning has all been uploaded onto the class information page including information about Safer Internet Day!  Videos are also there ready for you to watch!  Have a lovely evening, and keep sending in that fabulous learning!